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What are the 'Clair' Senses and How to Develop Them?

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what are the clair senses when you are wanting to understand your psychic abilities more and intuitive potential

What are the 'Clair' Senses and How to Develop Them?

Delve into the intricate world of the 'Clair' senses, each offering a unique doorway to intuitive perception beyond the physical realm. These 'Clair's are more than the normal 5 sense we are taught we have, I had to do a lot of re-educating myself after my spiritual awakening. Now I struggle to believe that I once only thought there was the 5 senses for us to rely on.

1. Clairvoyance - Seeing Clearly:

Description: Clairvoyance allows individuals to receive intuitive information through visual images or scenes.

Experience: You may see flashes, visions, or symbolic images that provide insights into past, present, or future events. Sometimes it can be a simple image and others can experience it as watching a movie. Other times it can be a series of images which can be related or it can been a mixture of images that seem unrelated. This is why this Clair can be one of the harder to learn to trust but also can be one of the Clair's which we become to bold in. We see the image or vision of something so clearly that we are prone to not investigating further or maybe we should be seeing it symbolically but we take it literally instead.

Development: Practice visualisation exercises, meditation, and trust the images that come to your mind's eye. Keep a track of the images you see as sometimes it takes time for the meaning to show itself (sometimes months or years).

2. Clairsentience - Feeling Clearly:

Description: Clairsentience allows individuals to sense and feel energies or emotions intuitively. You will see, hear, read something and just feel like its a yes or a no or you need to wait. It's often normal for people to have Clairsentience and Claircognizance both together. 

Experience: You may experience physical sensations or emotions that are not your own, connecting with the energy around you. I call it a deep feeling of knowing. This is one of my strongest Clair's and I feel it in my body around the solar plexus region, it is like I feel a yes or no within me. I can often feel when someone is lying but the struggle is not knowing what they are lying about, they can be embarrassed and holding back information. So it important to practice patience and non-judgement with this Clair and don't jump to conclusions just because it feels right. 

Development: Practice grounding exercises, self-awareness, and learn to differentiate between your own emotions and those you pick up from others. The most difficult thing is learning to trust yourself if you have self esteem issues. I had a huge Shapeshifter (people pleaser) and Martyr Archetype problem which meant I had to do a lot of work to learn to trust what I was feeling and that I was good enough to be that accurate. 

[if you also have a people pleasing problem I will add links below to help you]

3. Claircognizance - Knowing Clearly:

Description: Claircognizance involves receiving intuitive knowledge or insights without any logical explanation. 

Experience: Sudden bursts of understanding or knowing about a situation or event may come to you. You can be listening to someone and get a sudden thought or 'download' as some call them. I highly recommend you trust these thoughts and bring them up subtlety in the conversation. As often its a message that person needs to hear. Many times I have had people tell me I was giving them a message or they needed to hear something about it. But I always use my Storyteller Archetype to blend it into the conversation as it it always received more openly by the person that way.

Development: Trust your instincts, cultivate mindfulness, and pay attention to the inner guidance that arises spontaneously. Don't hesitate to start talking about the 'subject' of whatever you are thinking but do it subtlety. Eg: the other day I read about this....or I was thinking about ... on the drive over. I never say I have just received a 'download' as it puts people off.

4. Clairaudience - Hearing Clearly:

Description: Clairaudience enables individuals to receive intuitive messages through auditory perception.

Experience: You may hear voices, sounds, or messages as if someone is speaking directly to you. This can be as simple as one word, one sentence or entire conversations. 

Development: Practice active listening, meditation, and pay attention to subtle sounds or messages in your surroundings. I highly recommend going somewhere quiet like the forest or in nature where there is not as many sounds and meditating at night might also be more beneficial to experiment with.

5. Clairsalience - Smelling Clearly:

Description: Clairsalience enables individuals to smell scents or odours that are not physically present.

Experience: You may detect fragrances like perfume, flowers, or smoke without their physical source nearby. This can often be when a guide is visiting you or a loved one who has passed on. 

Development: Practice mindful scent exploration, engage in aromatherapy practices, and trust the olfactory sensations that come to you intuitively. Keep clear records of when you smell a scent that doesn't seem to have a logical origin and make a note of what you were doing/thinking to see if you can tell if its the same guide visiting. 

6. Clairgustance - Tasting Clearly:

Description: Clairgustance allows individuals to taste flavours or sensations without physical stimuli.

Experience: You may receive taste impressions such as sweet, bitter, or savoury without consuming any food. Once again this might be when a guide is giving a message or a way to know when people are telling you the truth etc

Development: Engage in mindful eating practices, explore sensory experiences, and trust the taste sensations that arise intuitively. Keep clear notes if anything happens to link to what you were thinking or talking about. Also keep an eye on any medicinal intuitive thoughts, I know someone who connects to herbs that she needs to take by tasting them for no reason. 

Please Note there is two 'Clair' senses that others list but I actually think they are called something different:

1 - Clairempathy is not what I call it - to me the Empath is an Archetype all to its own and is too big of a psychic ability to simply be classed as a way we sense things.

2 - Clairangency is another one that people talk about but I call that Psychometry and it is a psychic ability which would come under the Seer Archetype umbrella. 

Just to be clear the Clair's are extra sensory ways of perceiving information where I believe the Empath and Psychometry as very specific Psychic abilities. 

By exploring and developing these 'Clair' senses, you can deepen your intuitive connection, enhance your spiritual understanding, and navigate the energies around you with clarity and insight.

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