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For me, Your empowerment is personal!

One of my life purposes is helping my clients unravel their sabotaging patterns and old programming. My abilities help me find the KEY which unlocks the block in your mind and energy field. My clients completely transform their lives as they implement my Archetypal Empowerment process. 

Your Self Esteem archetypes are intrinsically linked into why you remain stuck. Once you understand which of your archetypes are in Shadow, you can start the unlocking process.

As you free yourself from these blockages, your Soul Esteem archetypes can start to descend. These are part of your purpose in this lifetime and are waiting for you to activate and embody them.

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Resources for every stage of the journey

Heal Your People Pleaser Online Course

Learn how to stop giving away your precious energy to others.

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Protect Your Empath
Online Course

Dive deep into your development with personalized guidance.

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Alchemy Life Coaching Session

90 min Private Coaching Session that concentrates on key areas of your life you are experiencing blocks in.

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Throat Chakra Activation with Selenite Crystal 

Connect with the transformative frequencies of the Selenite Crystal to help activate, heal and elevate your throat chakra. 

Listen to the light language activation and feel the healing power and message of the Master Deva of Selenite.

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Tears of the Mother Ceremony

This is one of my most popular ceremonies and meditations. During the two hours ceremony and meditation, you will work with Goddesses Durga, Mother Mary and Isis.

This is a two part ceremony and is deeply healing. It is dedicated to release, gratitude and dreaming your dreams into reality.

I suggest you redo this ceremony 2-3 times a year as you shift and grow throughout the seasons.

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Private Coaching With Me!

Archetypal Empowerment Course

 This is a deep dive into the most exquisite Shadow Work of your life.

Archetypes are a universal language in the unconscious and once you know this language you are able to respond not just react.

Would you like to never be offended ever anyone or anything at anytime?

This course embodies the statement, "Know Thy Self".

This process I take you through is a blueprint to your own emotional and energetical freedom. It is how we reach personal Sovereignty and Ascension.

I will take you on a journey of exploration into your psyche and energy field:

✨ To look at what Archetypes are you have active...some will need to be deactivated.

✨ What 3D Programs and Sabotaging Patterns you have running.

✨ Discover and heal trauma, past life wounds, cultural enslavement and mother/father wound.

✨ Learn how to be deeply comfortable in your own skin and love yourself more then ever.

✨ Understand how to communicate Archetypally, making every single relationship in your life so much richer!


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