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For me, Your empowerment is personal!

One of my life purposes is helping my clients unravel their sabotaging patterns and old programming. My abilities help me find the KEY which unlocks the block in your mind and energy field. My clients completely transform their lives as they implement my Archetypal Empowerment process. 

Your Self Esteem archetypes are intrinsically linked into why you remain stuck. Once you understand which of your archetypes are in Shadow, you can start the unlocking process.

As you free yourself from these blockages, your Soul Esteem archetypes can start to descend. These are part of your purpose in this lifetime and are waiting for you to activate and embody them.

Get my free 3 Day Activation, “The Eros Empowerment,”  the archetypes involved in the Mythology of Eros is nothing to do with a cute baby with a bow and arrow. Join now and get access to 3 free video activations.


Resources for every stage of the journey

Heal Your People Pleaser Online Course

Learn how to stop giving away your precious energy to others.

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Protect Your Empath
Online Course

Dive deep into your development with personalized guidance.

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Archetypal Empowerment Self Study Course

At your own pace, work through 6 modules: over 50+ hr of content.

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I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Private Coaching With Me!

What will your transformation look like?

I get incredible results with my clients because I help them heal on two different levels. I help them find Emotional Freedom and stop feeling like they have no control. 

I also help them heal their self worth and sabotaging patterns. There are specific Archetypes that cause ALL of our problems and my formula works. I am also highly intuitive and my psychic abilities help me to find the energetical key to unlock past traumas that are causing the blockages.

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Group Coaching - Next Round Starts 26th September 2022.

As part of a small group you will take a journey through my Archetypal Empowerment course. It is always fascinating to learn as a collective group and see other peoples Archetypes and Healing Experiences unfold in real time.

A deposit is needed to secure your spot and pre-payments are available.

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