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The Witch Wound: The 3D Program of Feminine Enslavement and the Rise of the Shapeshifter Archetype.

Jun 04, 2023
Witch Wound, Feminine Enslavement, 3D Program, Shapeshifter Archetype, Archetypes

The Witch Wound: The 3D Program of Feminine Enslavement and the Rise of the Shapeshifter Archetype.

Many of you have heard of the term Witch Wound but it is much more then just a reference to the Witch hunts and murders by the Church.

What happened during those horrifying years has created a catastrophic wounding in the collective psyche. This wound has caused the incredible rise in the Shapeshifter Archetype, otherwise known as the ‘People Pleaser’.

It started with the Church needing to be the dominant patriarchal authority. If you were sick or in need of advice, they wanted you to go to their Priests and to no one else.

The healers, wise women, crones and witches all had to go, because they were direct competition for the Church and its need for total domination.

What happened to women’s psyche during that time is something which is still embedded deep in our DNA and is a primordial fear to this very second as you read this.

If you were different from the rest of the village you were in danger. If you were smart, had common sense, stood up for yourself, had herbal law or was in a position of respect. You were in extreme danger.

Not just a little bit of danger. If you stood out in any way then you would be in jeopardy of torture and death.

This creates the need and desire to blend in…to be useful. Which in turn makes a person want to be that people pleaser so they don’t stand out.

But something even more atrocious arose at this time. Women started to turn upon each other in betrayal. Under torture they named other innocent women in the village or pointed out women they didn’t like as a Witch.

How often do you see women these days trying to tear each other down when someone starts to get successful?

Look at the double standards we place upon famous female singers and actresses in comparison to males in that industry. What happened to Brittany Spears could never have happened to a male singer.

Let’s be really honest…how many times have you looked at another woman and said, “omg look at what she is wearing, or she must have slept her way to the top etc”.

I will be the first to admit that I have bitched about other women because I was jealous or envious of them. I’ve made those little snide comments instead of saying, you go Sister!!

This catty behaviour arose from the Witch Wound in the collective.

From this pivotal time in history the role of women in power took a massive turn. Yes, history has a few female heroes but the average woman’s power was taken from them.

Women were no longer sort out for wisdom, herb lore, fertility issues, marriage advice and counselling. The reason I call this the 3D program of Feminine Slavery is because of this turning point.

After the Witch hunts ended the journey of the Divine Feminine has been a constant battle for equality and for balance to come back to the world.

Because the Church came into power a woman had no access to herb lore and was tasked with pumping out one baby after another until they died in childbirth. I have a lot of this in my linage.

Women had to marry for survival and it wasn’t until after World War Two that this started to shift rapidly.

Women have had to fight for the right to be educated, vote, own land, inherit asset, work and marry for love not for security or because they were sold off by their father

We are still fighting for this equality and balance. There are still Millions of our sisters in other countries being sold, traded and have no say in how their life will unfold.

Because a deep wound in the psyche like this is so cataclysmic it has helped the rise of one of the most predominant archetypes I see in my clients, friends, family and myself…The Shapeshifter.

The Shapeshifter is not just being a People Pleaser. It is the need to say yes to people so you don’t stand out and get judge or rejected by people.

Its this deep urge from within that if we say Yes to everyone, they will need us. We are going to be safe while we blend in. There is safety in being needed by people.

So we become the Chameleon, we suppress our wants and our opinions. We feel this deep drive to be the best partner, employee, friend and parent etc.

But in our drive to blend in, to be helpful and to be everything for everyone…we lose ourselves. We don’t know what we want or who we are and what we stand for.

The feeling of being lost becomes haunting, soul destroying and overwhelming.

In our hearts we know we want to follow our passions and to live our purpose but this fear holds us in this constant state of limbo.

We fear being seen, heard and known.

If you want to start doing any form of public speaking, Facebook Lives or write articles and put your opinions out to the world.

You will have to face this 3D Program of the Witch Wound: Feminine Enslavement. No matter if you are a man or a woman – this wound of the psyche effects the entire collective.

You will literally feel like your life is in danger, that if you are standing out…you will get killed for it. When you connect this fear back to the original wounding…you can see how it has formed.

My greatest advice to you all is this: realise that every time you fight your fear of being seen, heard and known you are helping to heal this Divine Feminine wound.

Every time you go to judge another person, make snide comments or belittle them. Pause and remember that this is just an old program and you have the choice if you want to keep doing it.

The Divine Feminine is Rising and we are shifting out of 3D Programs into the 5D realm and reality.

Rise My Sisters and Brothers Rise.

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