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The Archetype Behind the Imposter Syndrome

imposter syndrome inner critic lover archetype perfectionist procrastinator prostitute archetype sabotaging patterns self worth issues Jul 21, 2022
The Archetype Behind the Imposter Syndrome

A lot of people talk about the Imposter Syndrome. This is a term which so many people in the business and self help arena have to deal with. I have had to face this within myself many times.

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We can all relate to it and I do not know ONE person who hasn't experienced it in some area of their life.

The imposter syndrome is where we ask ourselves 'Who am I to teach this?' or 'There is so many people who are already I needed?'.

It's that gut wrenching feeling where we feel like no one will want to buy from us, read our work, buy our paintings, listen to our wisdom etc

We don't feel worthy and it leads to sabotaging patterns like procrastinator, perfectionist or the inner critic.

Which in turn leads to anxiety, stress or depression.

So which Archetype is at the core of the Imposter Syndrome? Because it deals with feelings of not being worthy - It is the Prostitute Archetype !!

The thing is, so many people get caught up on the word Imposter Syndrome. That they do not look at the Prostitute Archetype and then do not take the appropriate steps to truly heal and stop feeling like an imposter.

The key to unravelling this feeling of being the Imposter is the Soul Esteem Archetypes.

The Lover, Teacher, Healer, Seer, Priestess, Entrepreneur etc - you need to activate your sense of Soul Purpose, so the drive to be of service and help people outweighs your fear of not being good enough.

The Lover is the direct Soul Esteem to pull you up out of the Imposter Syndrome - so you need to be working on loving yourself.

You might ask how can something so basic help.

Because the fact you feel like you are not worthy, blatantly shows you the path forward.

You should be asking yourself these questions to set a fire of change beneath your Prostitute Archetype.

1 - Are you going to always regret not following the calling to help others.

2 - How many precious hours are you going to keep wishing and dreaming? Will you go to your deathbed with wasted years?

3 - What if you could help just ONE person if you started teaching, healing, painting, writing etc

4 - What could you accomplish if you set aside your fears and doubts...are these fears even yours or are they inherited trauma?

5 - What if by stepping up and following your dreams you help set an example for your children, grandchildren and help heal the planet?

If you focus on these thoughts and not just feeling like an unworthy imposter...can you see how motivated to help others...will help motivate you?

Don't let your Prostitute Archetype control you my friend. Love yourself enough to start living your dreams. 

You need to be focusing on your purpose and your passion. I was told for YEARS by my friends and people referred to me that I should be charging for what I do.

I was told over and over that the way I described Archetypes brought such clarity but I thought...there is so many other people teaching about Archetypes...who would pay me to teach them? Who would come to me for a healing when there is so many other incredible healers around?

On the first of January 2020 - I said this is the year of vision and clarity for myself. I wanted 20-20 vision on what to do for my life.

A few months later we started experiencing the lockdowns of Covid and I thought this was like a sick cosmic joke. How was I supposed to see in all the chaos, but it gave me the space and the confinement to face myself.

I was able to see what was going on with people Archetypally during this chaos and I wanted to help people see what I could see.

So I got my 20-20 vision in the most unexpected way and I started to put helping people as my main priority. Every time a fear presented - I faced it. Every time doubt crept in - I alchemised those thoughts.

Remember this the next time the imposter syndrome comes forth - stop making it about you and your fears. Make the situation about helping others by following your passion and purpose.

Start that business, paint that picture, write that book, become that healer, step up as the teacher, sing that that ONE person and your fears become a memory of the past.

I am updating this blog post on 16/11/22 because I wanted to share something interesting that has happened to me recently

I started playing with Facebook Reels and remixing my favourite jokes. My motivation was simple...I wanted to share joy and save my favourites into one just place. 

I honestly thought only my friends would see them but they started being seen in vast numbers, as of this moment my reels have been seen over 1.2 Million times. 

It brought up this really uncomfortable feeling when my first reel was seen over 50K times. I kind of screwed up my face and thought - Do I really want strangers from all over the world seeing me be a goofball? 

I wear no makeup and I am often sleepy and in bed. There is no glamour what so ever. 

I started to ask myself, do I need to try to look better? Do I even want to be seen that much? What if people say nasty things. I clearly started to spiral in my thoughts, but I reminded myself of the Prostitute Archetype and to ask myself.

What do I really want?

I want to have fun with the reels, spread joy and laughter and have zero stress. The fascinating thing is... I have had only two nasty comments in over 1.2 million views...only TWO.

I didn't go into my Child Archetype and get offended, I didn't allow myself to become a victim of their narrative. Instead I replied and explained why I created the content I did and my motives to share joy and BOTH of the commenters deleted their nasty comments.

My lack of reaction and by sharing my truth in a detached manner completely shifted everything energetically. I wrote an article about Setting Energetical Boundaries to Avoid Confrontation that explains the clear benefits of setting boundaries.

I wanted to update this blog so you can see how the Imposter Syndrome can keep raring its head. Even though I have had years of growth and didn't feel like an imposter for a very long time.

This happened out of no where to test me. I feel like I have proven to myself that I can stop that feeling of being an imposter and also verified that setting energetical boundaries work !!!

Go forth and build the life you want my friends!

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