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The Number #1 Reason Your Throat Chakra Gets Blocked?

ascension meditation sovereign archetype throat chakra throat charka activation with selenite truth Mar 11, 2023
Number #1 Reason Your Throat Chakra Gets Blocked?

What Is The Number #1 Reason Your Throat Chakra Gets Blocked?

 Why do we constantly feel like we clear our throat chakra but there are always more blockages that come up or we do not feel it worked right. I personally worked on my Throat Chakra for YEARS before I understood why it was never fully clearing and it kept being an issue.

 The answer to this might surprise you because of a very common misconception that is floating around. 

People think your Throat Chakra is mainly tied into speaking your truth or speaking up for yourself or others. They assume that it has something to do with the voice because that would be the logical point...right?

In fact speaking up for yourself and speak your truth is tied in with your sense of self worth and power, which would cause a blockage more in the heart or solar plexus chakra. On an Archetypal level it indicates you need to do work on your Shapeshifter, Martyr, Prostitute, Lover or Saboteur...its going to be a trauma, self belief pattern, inherited program or energetical entanglement that is causing you to not speak up for yourself. It has very very very little to do with the throat chakra. 

I am here to tell you that its in fact only one very small part of it and is NOT the biggest problem causing blockages in your Throat Chakra.

I mean, I get it. I was once EXACTLY the same and when I started to learn about chakras and to research into my throat. I automatically got really excited because I had been supressing my thoughts and opinions, my feelings and my truths for YEARS. (lets be honest, probably decades or my entire life).

I was already an Aries, so I was pretty blunt and straight forward with people. But here is permission to speak my truth (as I perceived it) without really asking my higherself if I should be saying it. If I hurt someone's feelings with my 'truth' then that's to bad, so sad. I needed to work on clearing my throat chakra right?

This lasted less then a week for me because I instinctively knew it wasn't right and my healer and empath archetypes was screaming "THIS IS WRONG"!!!

It was at this time I watched a video created by the divine Caroline Myss. In her teaching she taught about how the throat was the link between the head and the heart. This totally blew my mind because it suddenly became so obvious.

The Throat Chakra is the bridge between having a thought and then feeling if it is your truth and something you are going to do.

Lets use myself and giving up sugar as an example:

If I am laying in bed and reflecting on how bad sugar is for me. I might have just read something or seen someone teaching about how toxic it is. I start to ponder giving it up. I start to get hyped up on how good it will be for me and I feel determined to wake up and throw away my chocolate chip cookies and go sugarless.

Now I didn't tap into my heart and feel into it....I let my mind go zinging off on a million possibilities. My heart would have responded with practical feelings like.....whoa!... Hold up. You know that giving up sugar is going to mean detoxing and cravings and withdrawals. You've done it in the past and you know the level of sheer determination you need to do this.

Then my head and heart needs to have a VERY clear conversation on if I truly wanted to give up sugar and was I prepared to do the work.

It is as THIS STAGE most people block their throat chakra because they do not stop and have an aligned heart and mind conversation. They just let the MIND chatter away with ideas and then out of your mouth and throat comes the words....I am going to give up sugar tomorrow and I am going to throw away those cookies.

But its not the truth.  

My heart has not be consulted, in fact it is probably insulted because it knows you haven't committed with every atom of your body and its going fail. You will wake up and eat those cookies for breakfast in defiance. 

This is the TRUE NUMBER #1 BLOCKAGE of the Throat Chakra.

We are constantly saying we are going to do things and then we do not do them. Which costs us so much energetically and lying to ourselves just blocks everything.

(If you would like to know more about chakras and ascending through them - check out my podcast episode about Ascension HERE)

Here is the honest truth....

You are going to have to keep clearing your Throat Chakra for years as you practice more and more Sovereignty. As you Ascend through your Chakra system and as you journey upon your own personal path of self empowerment. 

So what are some key tips I can leave you with to help you?

#1 - Start speaking the truth to yourself first. This will always be the absolute hardest.

#2 - Start speaking the truth to others ONLY if you are guided to and it will do no harm. It is not your job to HEAL or HELP anyone if they have not asked. I cannot emphasis this enough because its a waste of your energy and time. It is also toxic behaviour that is moving into the realm of Narcissism when you go around telling people the truth as you perceive it with no empathy, compassion or PERMISSION from them.

#3 - Develop some energy tools and some rituals that will help. Find a meditation or affirmation that you will say when you feel like you are blocked. Rub lavender or rose essential oil on your throat and ask spirit for help to clear, cleanse and activate your Throat Chakra and to help you with truth.

#4 - Start to learn about archetypes, healing modalities, quantum engertics, read books you are guided to and find teachers/mentors that you trust and respect. 

Because this issue is such a huge one for every body, I created a meditation for my clients and I have made it public. I want it to be super accessible and priced it at only $5:

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I hope this helps and if you have any questions you can message me on Instagram  HERE - where I have committed myself to doing 365 Days of Reels (my heart and head said yes and I am currently on day 26 and loving it). 

Jess Xx

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