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How Running a Challenge Helps Build Your Business

3 day challenges business business advice grow your business Nov 10, 2023
How running a challenge helps build your business and get you sales

I wanted to talk to you about the power and the potential of hosting a Challenge to help grow your business and build trust and authority with your audience. 

It can also help you to launch a online course, coaching program or additional service at the end of the challenge.

So why are challenges such powerful tools ?

 When we are first starting our businesses we need to do two things simultaneously. 

 1 - Build an email list and/or online social media presence with aligned ideal clients who are going to want to work with you and purchase from you.

 2 - We also need to show this new audience that you know what you are talking about, that you are the expert and they can trust YOU to help them get results.

 I love suggesting Challenges to my clients and I have used Challenges multiple times in my business over the last three years. 

 The biggest reason as a business owner that I like running a Challenge is because it highlights to ME who in my audience is really ready for change and growth. Who is proactive and taking action towards change.

 When sitting down and plotting out a Challenge I keep a few things in mind.

  1. A 3 Day Challenge works best for me as I found 5 days was too long for people and it was harder work for me. Peoples attention span is not that long and their lives is often super busy.
  2. I need to make sure the Challenge will fill my email list IDEAL clients. So I need to be very strategic and specific on what topic I pick to host the Challenge about.
  3. I want to provide incredible value so this Challenge needs to be useful, help get tangible results and inspire them to take further action.
  4. At all times I sound knowledgeable and like an expert in my field. 

 So how does one come up with a great Challenge idea?

 Simply sit down and make a list of issues your ideal client is going through and then I want you to write down 3 steps YOU took on healing or shifting that yourself.

 A Challenge will always be more powerful if you can show how YOU were able to grow past, heal or educate yourself on these 3 steps and get to a positive result or outcome.

 The next step is to plan out how you will host the Challenge. If you are wanting to build up your Facebook Group then I suggest you host it LIVE in there each day. 

Pro Tip - Sometimes Facebook can be glitchy so you can use Zoom or Streamyard, note that Streamyard will have a logo watermark in top right hand corner unless you upgrade to paid. I suggest zoom as the better option.

 However if you are wanting to focus on list building or have a membership - I recommend just hosting the entire three days on Zoom so you can interact with them afterwards.

There is many people out there who do not use Social Media and build their business from Blogs, Youtube and Memberships sites.

 On each of the 3 days I would suggest you do your presentation and then allow a Q&A afterwards. Because you want to start building likeability and a relationship with your audience. You also get to see what questions they are asking (which will tell you what content to create for them in the future.)

 The next thing I wanted to point out is what to do after your 3 Day Challenge.

 There is some really cool ways that you can repurpose your Challenge and make it work for you over and over. The more you can repurpose the easier it is for YOU and the more time you have to spend with family or to chill out.

 I created a video that talks about the 5 Ways You Can Repurpose Your 3 Day Challenge.
Please CLICK HERE to watch it.

 I hope you have fun creating your challenge. Please don’t hesitate to make contact and ask for any further clarity.

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Take Care
Jess Beard

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