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Throat Chakra Activation with Selenite

Do you feel like your throat chakra is blocked or needs a cleanse and upgrade?

This meditation uses the soothing and powerful healing frequencies of the Selenite crystal.

How to Create a Vision Board that Actually Works!

I run manifesting courses each year and I use this exact vision board process to help my clients to manifest and EMBODY who they want to be.

I have used vision board to epic success and then also epic failures. This training teaches WHY so you can start using Vision Boards to call in the experiences you want in your life.

I have had people manifest with this vision boards technique for business, health, wealth, travel and so much more... 

What you'll get:

  • Learn about the importance of the language and energetics behind magnetic manifesting. 
  • Discover the 3 steps you need to take to make your vision board a success!
  • Lifetime access - you can rewatch as often as needed!

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