Alchemy Life Coaching Session

90 min Private Coaching Session that concentrates on key areas of your life you are experiencing blocks in.

This can be self esteem, spiritual, mindset, family, work, purpose, childhood trauma, relationship issues or cultural woundings. I have helped clients in all of these areas.

What you'll get:

  • Discovering which Archetypes are triggered and how that is effecting the situation.

  • How or when this trigger or belief system started, Is it even yours or is in inherited?
  • Practical advice on how to come up with Alchemising tools to help you shift this trigger or process to do if healing of a wound is required.

  • Channelled intuitive messages at times, I often receive a clear idea which ends up shifting you lightening fast and I have learned to trust these insights.

After purchase you will be directed to Calendly to book in for your session. Purchase is non-refundable but rescheduling is available.

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$555.00 AUD